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Allies Weapons pack v2

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BrickArms Allies weapons pack v2

Everything you need to equip your World War II Allied forces!

Pack includes:

  • BUILDBABLE Lewis Gun with Ammo Drum & Ring Bipod
  • Bazooka
  • M6 Rocket
  • Sten Gun and Magazine
  • M1903 with Scope
  • M1917 Pistol
  • M1911 V.2
  • BAR
  • Bren Gun
  • M1A1 SMG
  • M1 Carbine (Full Stock)
  • SMLE Rifle
  • M1 Garand Rifle
  • M97 Trench Shotgun
  • Ammo Clip
  • M1 Steel Pot Helmet
  • Brodie Helmet
  • 2x Monopod
Minifigs not included