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Battle Royale pack

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BrickArms Battle Royale pack

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The BrickArms Battle Royale 2018 Pack includes a mix of classic and exciting new modern combat BrickArms accessories, everything needed to transform your minifig collection into an unstoppable force!

  • M240B Machine Gun (NEW!)
  • Pintle Mount and Ammo Box
  • MGL
  • Magnum Revolver
  • HCSR Sniper Rifle
  • M16
  • ABR
  • M4-TAC
  • M4-SBR
  • AK-SV
  • HAC
  • Auto-9 Pistol
  • UCS Pistol
  • XVR
  • RPG-7
  • XMP
  • Spy Pistol
  • ACS Shotgun

Minifigures not included.