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Cupcake Cafe Awning

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Cafe Shop Awning.  - Cupcake Cafe. Custom cut and printed awning

Cupcake Cafe Awning

We've all seen them, the big canvas awnings that sit above shop windows. Now you can get a fabric, LEGO brick compatible one, for all your LEGO town shops.

Each awning is six studs wide and comes folded and complete with a 1x6 tile and 2x (1x2x1) brackets for attaching to your building.

The awning has been printed and carefully machine cut in our studio.

Only the awning fabric and 3 LEGO pieces included.

The awnings CANNOT be put adjacent to each other to make larger ones without having to cut the fabric, due to 2 layers of fabric being too thick to sit between the LEGO pieces. Larger awnings will be coming soon.

If you need a larger awning or perhaps a different store name printed onto the awning, or anything else made from fabric to fit with LEGO please get in touch with us using the contact form in the footer of this website.

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