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BrickArms RELOADED M16

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Introducing the M16 with overmolded features. This is not your normal production version of the BrickArms M16. These are made one at a time at the BrickArms headquarters. You will not see this quality product for sale at a cheaper price.

BrickArms puts the legendary "black rifle" in your figs' hands with the BrickArms M16 Rifle! Combining power and accuracy, the BrickArms M16 is the perfect choice for minifig soldiers in the jungles of the Far East or the desert battlefields of today!

This version of the BrickArms M16 has been overmolded. This means it has 2 colour of plastic loaded separately into the injection molding machine by hand.

Minifig not included.

Only one M16 RELOADED is included.