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Privacy Policy

Minifigforlife Ltd. Privacy policy.

We will never sell, or provide data about individuals unless given permission, or legally required to do so, or if reasonable to do so as a requirement to provide a service in relation to a contract with us. A sales order placed with us is a contract to provide goods to the individual.

What data do we have about individuals?

Names, Email Addresses, Residential Addresses, Work Addresses, Order History, Photographs, Audio recordings.

Data we keep in order to proceed with our contractual duties.

Any contract formed between Minifigforlife Ltd. and any individual will require a certain amount of data to be gathered. For example an order placed with us requires a name, email address and delivery address. This forms part of the contract with us. We need to pass some of this data onto other companies utilised by us in order to complete the contract. This may include delivery companies and government agencies.

Data we keep for legal reasons.

We keep data related to orders placed with us only for the period required by law for UK companies to keep this data.

Marketing data.

Currently we are not doing any targeted marketing that utilises any personal data. Should this situation change, we will only market to those who give us permission to do so.

Data retention.

We will only keep data including emails for as long as the contract with us, or how long maybe necessary to comply with UK laws. Any other emails that do not fall into those categories, such as enquiries, will be deleted within one month of being dealt with.

Photographs and Video

On occasion we will take photographs/video at public events. If individuals appear in these photographs/video as the main subject of the photograph/video rather than accidentally in a photograph/video we will only use these photographs/video for marketing with permission of the individual, and will request permission to keep these photographs/video on file.

Audio recordings.

If we deliberately record audio of an individual it will be with permission received at the time, and will request permission to keep these recordings on file, and further permission to use these in the future for marketing.

Request to view, change or delete data held with us.

Please email if you wish to view, edit or delete any data held with us about yourself. Each email will be dealt with individually. We will provide data back to the emailer once we are convinced that this person is the person that they are requesting data about. This is usually done by having a matching email address with the data that we hold. We will only grant permission to edit or delete data held by us, if changing or deleting that data does not mean breaking contractual or legal obligations.